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HM-5#5. One of the latest helicopters released by Walkera. 100% ready to fly! This little indoors helicopter will allow even complete beginners to learn to fly RC helicopters quickly and easily. Made of durable plastic, the HM-5#5 is rugged and will do minimal damage to furnature and curtains while earning your wings. Flying time is 8 to 10 minutes per charge in any weather, all day.

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HM 5#5 Helicopter .................. R 900.00 excludes shipping. While Stocks last. Only 2 left!

GM 058. FUN in a box. This hydroplane puts the plane into boat! It will perform like a boat, it flies off water and land, fully aerobatic. 4Ch radio transmitter (35MHz), brushless electric motor, LiPo battery, charger and speed controller all included, even glue and spare parts! Add 8AA cells, charge the flight battery and have fun! This is an Almost Ready To fly kit. This kit will need some assembly.

Buy it here or from a local here.

GM 058 .................. R 900.00 excludes shipping. While Stocks last.

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