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T-Rex 450X EP-Helicopter Kit V2 with New Type Swashplate HS1051T (21 bearings), includes Brushless Motor 400LF 2800KV, HiTec OPTIC-6 w/Electron 6 RX, HS65HB x4 full NiMh, Gyro, 25A Brushless ESC RCE-BL25G (Governor Mode), Li-Polymer Battery 11.1V/3S1P, Lithium charger DC Li-Po. Weight: 4kg If a specific frequeny is required, please indicate Mhz when ordering, if that frequency is not in stock, there will be a 1 week delay.

Product Code : [Trex 450X V2 Optic 6 w/65HB combo]
T-Rex 450X EP-Helicopter Kit V2 with New Type Swashplate HS1051T (21 bearings), w/Brushless Motor 400LF 2800KV,
OPTIC-6 w/Electron 6, HS55 x4 full NiMh, Gyro,
25A Brushless ESC RCE-BL25G (Governor Mode),
Li-Polymer Battery 11.1V/3S1P,
Li-Polymer Charger for 2-4 cells (12V DC type,)
Evrything you need barring tools is included. You will need about 1 week of evenings to assemblr this kit then all that is left is to fly it

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Trex 450X V2 optic 6 Combo .................. R 6750.00 excludes shipping. While Stocks last.
( Order as Required! )

View more detail on Trex 450SE

T-Rex 450SE(CDE) CCPM kit+430L 3550KV Brushless Motor + 35G ESC (Silver), trex

80% pre-assembled!
T-Rex 450 Superior Edition (eCCPM) represents the state of the art in micro helicopter technology, utilizing the latest design techniques and highest material quality, aluminum parts are anodized in a pleasant blue color and silver SSG carbon assembly. This kit is for the flyers who want uncompromised performance and quality. This SE comes 80% pre-assembled!

This package includes:
-T-REX 450SE Kits SetX1 set
-325 PRO Rotor BladeX1 set
-315 Carbon Rotor BladeX1 set
-Aluminum CaseX1
-RCM-BL35G 35A Brushless ESC(Govener Mode)X1
-New 430L Brushless motor(3550KV)X1

The following items are essential to start flying (Excluded in this package):
-Lithium Battery:DC11.1V(1300mAh or more)
-Transmitter:6 channel or more, Must have Helicopter Mode
-Receiver:6 channel or more
-Rud servo:1pc

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Trex 450 se .................. R 6750.00 excludes shipping. While Stocks last.

E-SKY Lama V3. The latest version released by E-SKY. 100% ready to fly (including batteries for TX)! This little indoors helicopter will have you flying RC helicopters quickly and easily. The E-SKY Llama V3 will do minimal damage to furnature and curtains while earning your wings. Flying time is 8 to 10 minutes per charge in any weather, all day.

Full spares complement in stock!

(1) Main rotor diameter:340mm;
(2) Weight:215g
(3) Length:360mm;
(4) Power system:180 motor*2
(6) Transmitter:Standard 4 CH
(7) Mix controller:4 in 1 controller(W/gyro,mixer,ESC, receiver);
(8) Servo:8g,1.3kg/CM,0.12s/60
(9) Battery:7.4V 800mAh Li-polymer battery

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E-SKY Lama V3 Helicopter .................. R 1200.00 excludes shipping.

Dummy TX for Flight Simulator. EI204C USB Transmitter FMS Simulator for Heli and Airplane (Please indicate Mode). Learn to fly without costly repairs. This simulator gives you real world flying experiences from your PC. Its Interlink Controller plugs into a USB port on your computer. It looks and feels just like a real transmitter and has switches for dual rates, retracts, and a knob for flaps..

Package Includes:
FMS software CD
4CH PPM Transmitter
Available in Mode 1 (Throttle on right) or Mode 2 (Throttle on Left).

System Requirements:

Operating System:
Win XP, 2000, ME, 98

Hardware Requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium 600 and above

Port Used:
USB 1.0 or USB 2.0

Simulator Supported:
FMS Version 2.0 Beta 7
FMS Version 2.0 Alpha 8.4

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EI204C USB TX & FMS Sim. .................. R 350.00 excludes shipping.

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