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Energy Efficient LED Lighting Solutions have come of age with the availability of powerful wide beam LEDs.

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11m x 5m Pool with 2 Mega-Lights (Deep End view) Pool Equipped with Mega-Lights

Mega-Light Swimming Pool LED Lights. Mega-Light is a new generation LED swimming pool light utilising the latest low power consumption LED technology. Mega-Light is a swap-out replacement for the standard headlight style incandescent lamps that have been used in swimming pools up to now. You will be able to remove the unreliable, blown, headlamp that you have been using in your pool in the past and simply clip in a Mega-Light, connect to the existing wiring with your favourite connector and seal the backing cup with silicone sealer. When it has set, put your Mega-Light back into the standard swimming pool light fitting and enjoy the benefits of energy efficient, cool LED lighting. What's more, your existing light filters will still fit should you wish to change the mood of the light in your pool. Mega-Light is a solution that requires no contractors. You install these yourself in minutes.

These lights are completely waterproof and could also be used as low-Voltage accent lighting in the garden or any other lighting solution that you may think of.

Mega-Light uses LED technology that is likely to last the lifetime of your pool.

Imagine never having to buy another pool light again, EVER!

Mega-Light built to last.

Buy it here.

Mega-Light, 143mm, 15V, 1A, 4000 Lumen LED Pool Light ................ R 675.00 ea.
Mega-Light, 177mm, 15V, 1A, 4000 Lumen LED Pool Light ................ R 850.00 ea.


Corporate Boardroom with both halogen and LED pot-lighting
LED downlighter installed with incandescent lamps.

Mega-Light Downlighter (low voltage pot-lights), LED Lighting. Mega-Light is the first of the new generation LED downlighter utilising the latest low power consumption, energy saving LED technology. This lamp is a replacement for the standard MR16 style incandescent lamps (pot-lights) that have been used up to now. You will be able to remove the unreliable, power hungry, lamp that you have been using and simply clip in a Mega-Light. Connect Mega-Light using the existing wiring and enjoy the benefits of energy efficient, cool LED lighting immediately. As an indication, the power required to produce aproximately 700 Lumen with an old style incandescent downlighter is about 4A and the light has a yellow hue. Using less than 7Watts of power, Mega-Light produces 1000 Lumen drawing only 0.5A and the light is pure white with no hue changes when operated at the specified Voltage. That means that your walls look like the colour you painted them, day and night!

Mega-Light uses LED technology quoted as lasting around 50 000 hours. That's equivalent to five and a half years of 24/7 operation! That would have cost you only R89.95 at today's rates! If it was a halogen light it would have cost R1249.35 you can save R1159.30 per light over Mega-Light's life-span!

Unlike Incandescent lighting that has a single filament that ages and reduces light yield over the age of the lamp. LED lighting is consistent to end of life furthermore, Mega-Light LED lighting is made up of clusters of LEDs so if you have a failure, most of the other LEDs will still work leaving you with a partly working lamp that will, in all likelyhood, be short of only two LEDs. That's only 200 Lumen down and still 100 Lumen brighter than most halogen downlighters!

Mega-Light built to last.

Be the FIRST on your street to run EFFECTIVE LED Lighting!
Buy it here.

Mega-Light, 12V, 300mA, 1000 Lumen MR16 Downlighter ...NOW ONLY ....... R 125.00 ea.

Mega-Light specifications.

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